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Welcome to Evolutive, Business Management, Strategy and Business Planning, Georgia-based business located in Augusta, GA. We specialize in developing efficient management, aggressive but realistic strategies and result oriented business planning. We have the education, skills and experience to help our clients reach their business goals.

Our clients have been using our services to manage their business more effectively and have been successful in improving their bottom line, creating value and developing their competitive advantage.

Success is a choice

    At Evolutive, we help our clients realize the full potential of their business, both in profitability and the personal rewards that come with entrepreneurship.

      Our key words are optimization and control. We apply them to the company performance, to its organization, to its processes and to management time.

    Catherine Neyme, founder of Evolutive, is an accredited associate of the Institute for Independent Business. The Institute for Independent Business is a global not-for-profit, research, training and accreditation organization established in 1984 to provide “practical advice that works”.   

   The Institute’s accreditation means a lot to us and to our clients. Besides the prestige, our relationship with the IIB enables us to provide our clients with a depth of resources that other business advisors simply cannot offer. We are part of a worldwide network of senior executives from every type, of business imaginable. With resources like that we can assist our clients with any issue or challenge they may be facing.

      For more information about the IIB go to www.iib.org.ws or click on the quick link on the left.